Winter Lawn Care 101: How to Keep Your Lawn Happy All Winter Long

It is no secret that the cold, often harsh weather conditions of winter can wreak havoc on your garden. From freezing earth to pooling water, your garden is up against it when it comes to winter weather.

In order to avoid being in a situation where you have to do some major rehab on your garden in the spring, it is best to take the time to prep your lawn for winter now before the winter weather sets in. You can do plenty for your lawn to ensure that your grass is happy all winter long and ready for when things warm up once more in the spring.

With that in mind, here are some of the top things that you should look to do for your lawn this fall before the cold and dampness of winter arrives for good.

Cut the Grass

One of the things about winter weather that can be most detrimental to your lawn is the pooling of water at the base. In order to keep this from happening, you will want to cut the grass before it is too late to do so.

Trimming your grass will help to allow the sun to shine down to the base and dry up any water as it starts to accumulate. The growth of your grass will slow significantly in the winter, so look to take care of this task at the last possible minute. 

Don’t be afraid to invest in the right tools for this job in the fall, either, even though you will only be using them once or twice before winter hits. It is important to use a sharp blade to cut the grass so that you can get the length just right. You can find everything that you need to cut your grass properly before winter at

Spike the Ground

Another aspect of keeping your garden free from pooling water this winter is to spike or aerate the ground thoroughly. This will help to give the ground the ability to drain properly as and when the rain and snow falls this winter.

In order to keep the holes that you create from filling in again prematurely, you might also consider dusting the ground with sand or another type of appropriate grit. This is the ideal material to allow water to drain as it won’t fill in too tightly.

Feed Your Lawn

Even though your grass won’t be doing much growing in the winter, it is still important to boost food and nutrients in the fall. There is some autumn-specific grass feed that will also serve to deter the growth of moss. 

Make sure that you distribute any feed that you use evenly across your lawn. You should also remove any moss that you successfully kill by gently raking it away from the ground at the base of your grass. This will stop your grass from being exposed to rotting plants and the bacteria it can bring, helping keep it away from harm.