Tips For Women To Have A Son

You desire a son more than anything? Wondering what you can do to have a boy? Believe it or not, there are tips to increase the potential to have a boy. If you really want it, read for more…

Want a son more than anything?


  1. Choose time to have sex: Y chromosome sperms (boy sperm) usually run faster than X chromosome sperms (girl sperm), but the girl sperms live longer than the male ones (just like men run faster than women and women live longer than male, just kidding!). However, seriously, research shows, if you have sex 3 or 4 days before ovulation, female sperms are still alive to fertilize with eggs, but the male sperms are already dead. So, if you want a boy – have sex on your partner’s period.

Choose time before sex

  1. Diet: the latest research shows mothers who have cereal at breakfast have more potential to have a baby boy. Research also shows mothers with high calorie diet on their period have more chances to have a boy.

Keep a heathy diet

  1. Men should not drink or smoke because they will have girl sperms stronger than boy sperms, and if men drink or smoke on women’s period, they are eliminating boy sperms. So, if you really want a baby boy – tell your man to stop smoking.

Stop your husband from drinking or smoking

Advice and warnings

  • Whether you have a boy or a girl, you should be happy and remember some couples cannot have kids.