How To Bring Your Baby Home From The Hospital

Bringing a new baby home is not thing that happens every day. There are few things that new parents should do to prepare to bring their baby home. With a little planning, you can bring your baby home easily.

Things that you will need

  • Diapers
  • Clothing
  • Car seat


  1. Wear weather appropriate clothing for your baby. Prepare clothing before. If your baby is born on the variable weather time period, buy two kinds of clothing to choose. You should bring clothing for premature babies and clothes 0 to 3 sized clothing because you will not know the size of your newborn baby before your baby is born. You don’t need to buy eye-catching clothing; something simple will be easier to wear your newborn.

Bringing a new baby home is not thing that happens every day

  1. Install the car seat correctly. Installing the car seat before the due date will be very helpful. You should install the car seat to follow the instructions in the documentation. After following the instructions, you should take the seat to a certified car technician to make sure it is installed correctly.
  2. Make sure your baby has the place to sleep. Choose a crib or bassinet. You should wash blankets before you leave for the hospital. You may want to put your baby down as soon as you go home.

Wear weather appropriate clothing for your baby

  1. You should buy 2 sizes of diapers. Because babies vary in size, having 2 sizes of diapers is very important. This prevents having to bring your baby to the store on the way home from the hospital and exposing her before many different bacteria.


  1. Save important phone numbers in your phone. Make sure you can easily contact your pediatrician, an emergency room and a dietitian if you are breastfeeding. This helps you prevent from searching for business cards or flipping the yellow pages to find these phone numbers when you need them most.
  2. Take pets out of your house or place them at a neighbor’s house. This makes parents comfortable with their baby in their house. Having animals away from the baby makes the introduction become easier.