How A Mistress Leaves Her Man

Date a married man is a dangerous game. Except pushing his marriage and family to the edge, you are playing with your reputation. Taking part in an interesting love story might be fun at the beginning, but it does not bring a sincere, public relationship. If you think you already have enough, and want an end, the best way is going on and never looking back. Giving up any kind of relationship is difficult, but it can be especially hard in this situation.


  1. Be true to your heart about this relationship. No matter how he talks about divorce, he is sure he does not meant to do that. If he really wants to get away with you, he has already had his plan. Pay attention to the relationship and tell yourself, it is a dead end . However, you should encourage him to get in touch with divorce solicitors for respect of his wife and you. 

Face your true feeling

  1. Contact him and tell him you do not want to see him again. One simple phone call is enough in this case, because meeting face to face only causes the risk of getting caught together.

Tell him you do not want to see him again

  1. Avoid meeting his wife or join his family life. You are as guilty as him, but it is not your job to tell the truth to a stranger. Withdraw from that situation immediately.
  2. Break your daily habit. If you met that man at the gym or a coffee shop, change your habit of going there, not to see him again.

Break your daily habit

  1. Focus on seeing someone new who you can share your life without hiding anything. A sincere, public relationship would be much more satisfied and guarantee you can stay away from that man forever.