Fruits That Diabetics Patients Should Avoid

Diabetics have many concerns about the balance of the diet they have to strictly observe in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s due to the sugar consumption and absorptions. Different foods have different rates of absorptions, and fruits are not an exception. There’re fruits that at the same time, are good and bad for diabetics. Consulting vegetarian doctors, diabetics can make plans on safe eating.

Fruits that are unhealthy

A part from fruits diabetics can eat, there’re fruits that they can’t eat.

A part from fruits diabetics can eat, there’re fruits that they can’t eat. Fruits like oranges, grapefruits, papaya, plums, nectarines and peaches are some of the fruits diabetics should avoid. Other sugary fruits, such as bananas, grapes and strawberries should also be avoided.


Fruits mentioned are rich in pulp and sugary. When the sugar is transferred into the system, it causes a jumpy increase of insulin. The jumpy increase in insulin leads to a sudden rise of blood sugar in the system. When blood sugar reaches too high levels, it causes body reactions that turn on the body defense mechanism and make the body shut down. This is called a “sugar attack” when diabetics are dizzy or unconscious.

Diet management

You should be aware of amounts of fruits you eat daily.

Managing diets is essential for managing diabetes, even with fruits that are acceptable. The bigger mass of acceptable fruits, such as apples, can cause a quick rise of insulin. This is due to the fact that a bigger ration of fruits will provide a bigger ration of carbohydrate. Some fruits like water melon and pears can resolve sugar faster than others while cherries and apples take more time to resolve sugar. Therefore, you should be aware of amount of fruits you eat daily.


Fresh fruits are always better than dried fruits or canned fruits. That’s because most of dried and canned fruits have high content of sugar. You can have sugar-free juice, but in that case, the ration management can be a problem as the content of carbohydrate is similar to one in soda. Fruit concentrates also have more sugar than fresh fruits do. They don’t have fibers which are essential to diabetics.


In many years, doctors were recommending diabetics to avoid fruits.

In many years, doctors were recommending diabetics to avoid fruits, though; the recommendation performed negatively to diabetes patient’s overall health. Modern medical researches prove that there’re fruits that shouldn’t or should be eaten in moderation; they also prove that some fruits, when being combined with other healthy options, can bring good benefits to diets in general.