Changes Of The Body After Pregnancy

Your body can change a lot after pregnancy. Those are changes of the body after pregnancy.

The following body changes after pregnancy is normal physical conditions. Women should know about them in order to not be so worried and have the health negatively affected.

1.        Changes of the body after pregnancy

Fluid retention in uterus

It doesn’t matter whether you have caesarean or normal birth, you still have an amount of fluid from the vagina remaining in uterus. The fluid is red at first, then turns to brown and white gold finally. In about 10 days after the birth, there’s a big amount of fluid and it will gradually decrease in the next 6 months.


The uterus will gradually get back to the normal form, so there’ll be contractions making you hurt and uncomfortable. However, you shouldn’t be so worried about it because those contractions will happen in low level and when you do breastfeeding: that oxytocin hormones stimulate your uterus leads to contractions when breastfeeding.

There will be contractions to push the fluid out during the time of breastfeeding.

If the contractions happen more usually and get worse, they can cause blood loss.

Pelvic floor muscle

The vagina will gradually get back to its normal form, so does the pelvic floor muscle. You can make the process get faster by taking pelvic floor muscle exercises regularly as soon as possible after pregnancy.

The vagina, labium and perineum often skin over fast. In the case there’re wounds from cutting perineum or more serious wounds, it’ll take longer time to come over it, especially two first weeks resting in bed and more supports in treating processes. Stiches done during the treating process can cause pains to patients for a several days or weeks.

The pelvic floor muscle exercises can help reduce selling and increase the speed of healing of your perineum. If you have to suffer from overwhelming pains, you can take Paracetamol (within prescriptions) or cold gel packs to reduce the swelling and pains.


After birth, your breast will secrete a bit of young milk. This is the first milk drops containing antibodies able to prevent children from infections. After few days, your breast start discharging milk and you feel your breast hot and a bit swelled.


After pregnancy, women can have hair loss, which is a normal physical situation, so don’t be so worried about it. There’re over 90% women suffer from the same problem after pregnancy. In general, it’ll be gone after 4-9 months.

There’re over 90% of women having hair loss after pregnancy.

After pregnancy, the level of progesterone hormone in the body will decrease, though; it still can affect the joints in 6 months later. For that reason, you should do gentle exercise regularly in the early months after pregnancy. You shouldn’t rush in doing hard exercises to get back on shape.

2.        How long to get back on shape after pregnancy?

This question is in many women’s concern. In a few days after pregnancy, your body can lose weight easily. You’ll find it easier to get back on shape if the blood circulations get back to normal and the uterus shrinks.

However, the weight losing tends to get slow. The excess fat will be remained for a while because after pregnancy, you need to provide yourself with nutrients to be healthy enough for the breastfeeding.

You’ve spent 9 month on pregnancy, so your body needs an equivalent amount of time to get back on shape. The weight loss after pregnancy can’t be carried out hastily because it can affects the health of you and your child.

You should start with gentle exercises dedicated for the pelvis and abdominal muscles when your health can afford them. Those exercises can help the abdominal area soon get recovery and prevent you from backache.

The diets and regular exercises are important. The simple exercises like walking or exercise classes for women after pregnancy are good options for you. With a bit of determination, your body will soon get back on shape.

You’ve spent 9 month on pregnancy, so your body needs an equivalent amount of time to get back on shape.

3.        Notes of taking care of the body after pregnancy

This is the good time for your health to recovery. You’re going to be busy with breastfeeding and taking care of your child, so you’d better get yourself some rests as much as possible.

After 6 weeks, you should see a doctor for a checkup. If you have any problem like pains from the stitches, ask your doctor for solutions.

Doctors recommend you to do the breastfeeding for at least 6 months so that after you stop doing that, the prolactin will decrease and your breast can get back on normal shapes and sizes.

Many women are afraid of getting their breast worse from the breastfeeding. However, changes on the breast are from the inside effects of the body and happen during pregnancy; they have no relations with the breastfeeding.

Women should take shower daily and keep the body hygiene. If you have caesarean or episiotomy wound, you should ask medical staff about the right way to clean it. You should clean the breast and nipples when showering and not apply shower gel on the nipples as it can make nipple skin dry.