A Quick Guide to Fitness Regimens for Women

As the northern hemisphere enters the darker part of the year, many women will be looking for ways to keep up with their fitness regimen outdoors when the weather is good—and indoors when the weather is poor.

Many women have no trouble following a fitness regimen easily, but it can be a real challenge for others. Here is a quick guide on how to devise fitness regimens for women.

Think Differently About Exercise

The truth is that if you can come up with a fitness routine that is both fun and challenging, you are far more likely to stick with it than you would by just doing the same tedious exercise or workout routine over and over again.

Finding fresh and fun activities is essential to keeping you motivated to get your exercise in on a daily basis. 

To Run or Not To Run?

Running is one way to get your daily dose of exercise. Take up running, and you will probably not notice a dramatic change in your appearance in a very short time period, but over time you will certainly see the difference. 

There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishing your fitness regimen by running, and you don’t need a lot of equipment to get started, either! In general, the only equipment you’ll need is:

  • a water bottle
  • a pair of good running shoes
  • good running trousers or shorts
  • a calf support for runners
  • a fitness tracker band to keep tabs on your achievements

Working Out Indoors

There are also other ways to stay fit without running. For example, by using equipment that makes you work hard, you can increase the intensity level of your workout and burn more calories simultaneously. 

Walking outdoors, doing yoga classes, swimming laps at the gym, or boxing are some examples of training that can keep you as fit, happy, and healthy as running does.

Choosing A Fitness Regimen for Women

One can try several workout routines indoors to keep fit and healthy without running outdoors. The best way to choose the right fitness routine is by keeping a few simple guidelines in mind:


  • Follow a program that fits your personality: Be it running, cycling, walking, or boxing, the key is to find an activity that you are physically fit enough to do and love doing
  • Your fitness regimen should be fun: You won’t enjoy your chosen exercise if it isn’t fun, or if there is only a negative impact on your life experience.
  • Find a routine that fits your natural training style: Just as your personality determines your workout, choosing the right routine for you also depends on your natural training style. 
  • Keep it dynamic: Your fitness regimen should not be static and boring. Also, try to vary what you do so that you can follow a challenging routine at times—but within your capacity.
  • Get some help from friends and family in keeping yourself motivated: They may not have much experience in setting up an exercise routine for women, but they will surely understand if a certain aspect of your routine isn’t going according to plan, or if they don’t see any results after several weeks of maintaining your fitness regimen.