What to Do Once Your Baby is Born

Many people are so wrapped up in their pregnancy, and the event of the birth that they do little to no planning as to what happens after their baby is born. Then, if your baby has recently been born and you feel a little lost when it comes to giving your baby the best life possible, here is everything that you need to do once your baby has been brought into the world. 

  • Create a Nursery

Your baby is going to need a space to call their own within your home, even if they do not have their own room instantly. While your baby is still ultra dependent on you and needs you all of the time, you should put work into creating your dream nursery for them to grow up in. For instance, you might decide to paint a spare room with bright colors and add wall murals, as well as fill the space with bookshelves and enough storage to put away all of your child’s toys and essentials. This can then ensure that they have a cozy space where they can feel safe throughout their first days. 

  • Sign Up for a Mother and Baby Group

When you have started to become fidgety at home and are desperate to see other people, you should consider signing up for a mother and baby group in your area. Not only does this give your baby a chance to interact with others and to develop their skills, but it is also a good way to socialize yourself and to meet other new mothers who can provide you with advice and support. 

  • Think About Weaning 

If your baby is currently breastfeeding, you also need to consider thinking about weaning as early as possible so that you are prepared for when they are ready to wean off your milk. To ensure that they can be weaned easily when the time comes, you should consider looking up what is baby-led weaning and researching the types of bibs that you will need, as well as the steps that you need to take to ensure that your child stops being so reliant on you for milk. 

  • Register the Birth

With all of your time being centered around the needs of your baby, it can be easy to forget the legalities of giving birth. After your baby is born, you need to register their birth to get them a birth certificate and their social security number. Usually, you will be given the forms that you need to do this at the hospital where you have given birth to your baby, and the hospital will most likely need to register the birth between 5 to 10 days after your baby is born. If your baby is born outside of a hospital or in a foreign country, this can be slightly more difficult. Once this has been done, you will need to wait a week or two to get the official birth certificate for your baby through the mail.