Tips To Get Pregnant Quickly

To some women, children come sooner than they expect. To others, they’ve tried everything in months or years to have babies. Biology plays an important role in a woman’s chance of pregnancy, but what women do is also important. There’re some things you should try if it seems like you have difficulties in getting pregnant.


Tips To Get Pregnant Quickly

28-day cycle is just the average.

Make charts of your periods. Although people think that women’s periods is a 28-day cycle, it’s just the average and there’s rarely woman who ovulates at the 14th day in the cycle. On other words, getting pregnant can only be predicted on the periods. Making charts can help you have better knowledge about the possible time of your ovulation; it’s not that the ovulation will occur in the 14th day counted from the first day of your period.

Take supplements

Take supplements before you’re pregnant. To make the pregnancy happen, your body need to meet its need of vitamins and minerals that supports embryos and processes relating to conception. Taking supplements before pregnancy can help your body be prepared for the hard work of making a baby and reduce the risk of a miscarriage.

Reduce stress

Stress has a great effect on hormones in the body.

Don’t be stressed out. Stress has a great effect on hormones in the body. The level of hormones in the body can affect the time of ovulation and how your body reacts to conception. By reducing stress, your period (and ovulation) will be easier to predict and your body will stop refusing pregnancy.


Spend a little time to cuddle after sex. Sperms need a couple minutes to start the race to the egg, due to the fact that the lengths of the vagina and cervix are too big in comparison to the size of sperms. Lying for a while will lessen the chance sperms pushed away from eggs, due to gravity and help them swim to the eggs easier.

Intercourse moment

Have sex before an ovulation, not after it.

Have sex before an ovulation, not after it. Egg only live in a short period of time and sperms need time to get to them. Therefore, by having sex before an ovulation, it’s possible that sperms and eggs are ready and at the right place. Make charts is a good way to have an overview on the possible ovulation time. Once you’ve known the ovulation model, have sex in 5 days before an ovulation.