Things That Pregnant Women Should Avoid

The diet can affect your child, even no matter what you do when you are pregnant. Hence, you must avoid some special things to protect your child.


Do not consume shark, swordfish, marlin, fish caught in the river or lake, or any raw sushi. They are a cause damaging your baby’s brain development. According to the British Journal of Nutrition, the unhealthy diet increases the risk of obesity for your children. Do not eat soft cheese or blue cheese, hot dog or meats in lunch meal because they may contain listeria, which are reasons of premature birth or miscarriage.

Pregnancy shouldn’t eat raw sushi.


Do not take any medicines without your obstetrician’s advice. In addition, do not take ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory drugs contain steroid, acne medications or aspirin. All of them can harm your fetus.

Other drugs

Smoking or any other form of tobacco is not allowed during pregnant time because they can cause miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight, birth defects, bad infant health and weak respiratory problems. Smoking also increases the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in infants and it interferes with the development of the baby in the womb and in the early stages of childhood. Any illegal drugs can be seriously damaged to the fetus.

Smoking is absolutely not allowed during pregnant period.

Alcohol and caffeine

You should avoid alcohol that is not considered safe at all. Drinking during pregnancy causes fetal alcohol addiction, brain damage, underweight and severe deformities, and increases the risk of premature death. Do not drink too much caffeine (more than 2 or 3 cups a day) because it has bad effect on the absorption of nutrients properly for fetus and causes underweight.

Physical activities

Do not go glider, the motion can fold together (placenta) from the couch position. Do not parasailing, skiing, ice skating or roller, motor drive or sit, or anything else causes abdominal trauma. Do not shoot guns lead to effect on the brain development of fetus and loud noise can be damage the baby’s ear. Do not sit in the hot tub or sauna because high temperature (over 101 degrees) can influence on your baby.

Bed positions

Do not lie prone because it prevents oxygen to the fetus. Do not lie supine because the weight of baby may interfere with proper blood circulation throughout your body, causing of headaches, back pain or low blood pressure, prevent and proper breath and digestion.