How To Repulse Stress When Being Pregnant

Crying, smiling or simply wearing headphone and walking will help pregnant women reduce stress.

Stress is the popular problem in pregnancy. There are many reasons that cause this phenomenon: pregnant women often feel tired, eat and sleep badly, have the pressure from work. Although pregnant women often have stress, they cannot disregard its’ risk to pregnancy. Many scientific evidences affirmed that when pregnant women regularly have stress, babies that are born will have light weight, develop badly. In serious cases, it can lead to miscarriage and premature birth.

Stress is the popular problem in pregnancy.

How to reduce stress? Pregnant women can refer to 10 following tips:


Massaging in pregnancy will help pregnant women relax and reduce most stress in pregnancy. However, mothers need to pay attention that they should go to the reliable massaging centers and have experience to massage for pregnant women to be safe. In addition, pregnant women can ask their husbands to massage simply for their feet, shoulder and back…This thing also helps women reduce tiredness.

Massaging in pregnancy will help pregnant women relax and reduce most stress in pregnancy.


Mother and baby wear headphone, enjoy the smooth songs and walk. You can ask your husband to walk with you in the morning and in the evening. This is an effective way to reduce stress. Moreover, this way is good for pregnant women’s health.

Write diary

All thinking will make you stressed and they will whirl into your mind deeply. You can take paper, pen and write. They are your confidences with your baby or your husband. This thing not only helps you reduce stress but also have memorable souvenirs with your children in the future.

Smile cheerily

People often say “Laughter is the best medicine”. Therefore, the most effective remedy when your feel stressed is creating the comfortable psychology and smiling. The things that can make you feel more comfortable are reading funny stories watching funny film or doing anything that can make you feel interested.

Talk with your friends

If the stresses appear from your family (it can be the conflicting with your husband or your husband’s family), you should share with your closest friends. You can go out with your friends and enjoy the delicious dishes to find some coffee shop to share your inmost feelings. Surely, this thing will help you reduce stress and the conflicting can be solved.

Ask for help

If you feel tired with pregnancy, too stressed in working, you should ask for help. You can ask your husband or birth mother or any close people in family for help. If you are too stressed to do something, you can ask your relatives to prepare foods, do the laundry or do anything that you need. Surely, everyone will help you when you become pregnant.

Read book

You can find an airy space such as coffee chop to read book or your house’s balcony to read pages that you like. They can be novel, funny stories, or a book about pregnancy. Surely, when you follow the pages, you won’t feel stressed any more.

When you follow the pages, you won’t feel stressed any more.


You should close your room’s door, turn on regulator with the suitable level and turn off all sound equipment. After that you lie, cover with a blanket and sleep. To feel more comfortable, you can drop some drops of lavender. After this sleep, you will feel more cheerful and more comfortable.


Many people advise you to cry if you want. That is an effective solution. When you cannot endure everything any more, you should cry loudly if it can solve the stresses in your head. You can go to your bedroom or bathroom to cry. The drops of tear will solve the stresses in your head.

Think about your baby

Do you know that your stress will have bad effect on your baby? If your baby knows to say, it will advise you not to be stressed. You should think about your children’s good future and eliminate all worries.