How to Introduce Your Dog to Your Baby

For many couples, a dog is their first “baby,” and it is not unusual for dogs to feel jealous or uncomfortable when a newborn arrives on the scene. If you’re expected, then here is a guide on introducing your dog to your newborn. 

Prepare for the arrival of your baby

Dogs are very in tune with our emotions, and your dog will likely sense that something is happening before you even have your baby. This is why it’s a good idea to start preparing for the transition while you’re pregnant. Take a look at this article by Healthline for information on how to prepare your pets before you bring your baby home. 

If your dog has not completed basic obedience training, then it’s the perfect time to book a course of classes. Behaviors like jumping up to greet you might not seem like an issue now, but it won’t be safe when you have a newborn in your arms. A dog instructor can work with you to correct these behaviors and ensure that your dog is well trained before your baby arrives. 

Book a wellness exam for your dog

It is a gogreatod idea to book your dog in for a wellness exam before your baby arrives, especially if your dog is already showing signs of anxiety or changes in behavior. In addition, make sure that your dog’s vaccines are up to date and talk to your veterinarian if you have any concerns. According to experts at Kelly Crossing Animal Hospital, “routine wellness care is the key to helping your pet enjoy a long, and healthy life.”

Give your dog space to adjust to your baby

It is natural for dogs to feel jealous or uncomfortable when a baby arrives in the family and starts getting lots of attention. However, many dogs are also scared of babies, especially if they haven’t been around them in the past. So provide your dog with a calm space away from the baby and make sure that he doesn’t feel trapped because of stair gates or closed doors. 

You must give your dog time and space to adjust to a new baby. At the same time, make sure that you give your dog plenty of affection as you don’t want him to feel neglected or replaced by your baby. 

Reward your dog for positive behavior

You need to teach your dog how to behave around your baby and provide positive reinforcement by rewarding good behavior. The Humane Society says that rewards can include food treats, petting, verbal praise, or a favorite toy or game. You should know what treats are the most irresistible and effective for your dog. 


Introducing your dog to your baby might be daunting, and it is natural to feel a little nervous. The key to an easy transition is to prepare for the arrival of your baby and give your dog the time and space they need to adjust to the changes. Remember to take things slowly and be patient. With time and effort, your dog and your baby should become lifelong friends.