How To Choose The Right Electrician

One of the most important proverbial handymen to ensure you have on standby in your address book is that of a professional, qualified, and recommended electrician. 

If you are lucky enough to already have been recommended an electrician but not have yet had means to call, or you have not lived in the area long enough to have established yourself in your local community, then continue reading to learn how to choose the right electrician. 

Check Their Qualifications

Obviously, it is not necessary for your potential electrician to possess a doctorate in electrical engineering. 

However, it is still important to ensure that the electrician you choose to carry out important work in and around your private home is accredited by City and Guild or a similar reputable and renowned institution. This way, you can be safe in the knowledge that when you do need to call on them to sort or mend an electrical issue, your electrician on-call will be fully certified and adherent to all health and safety, as well as legal rules and regulations. 

Use Word Of Mouth Recommendations

Most people know the importance and significance of calling on the services of a professional electrician who has completed one or more successful jobs at either your friends, family member’s or neighbour’s homes. 

However, if you wait until you actually need an electrician in an emergency or when you experience an unexpected electrical issue, there will be no time to source one from your family and friends, and you may end up contacting the first electrician you see in the phone book. 

Ensure The Quality Of The Parts Used

Another indication that the electrician you are researching is someone who you can hopefully keep in mind for a long time is the level of quality and standards of the electrical parts and tools they use.

Often, especially with self-employed electricians, they tend to have one or more manufacturer preferences, and also, with both self-employed electricians and electricians who work for a large company, tend to bulk-buy all their electrical parts and tools from the same electrical supply stores every time. Of course, you could always source the parts yourself and ask your electrician to use them. Always ask before engaging in their services whether this is possible to do. At least this way, you will know you have high-quality parts. 

General Communication Skills & Overall Behaviour

Even though it is likely, hopefully anyway, that you will not be calling out your electrician to your home more than a few times a year, and in most cases, the likelihood is that you will need your electrician even less frequently. 

However, as with anyone you come into contact with and invite into your home, both in your professional as well as your personal life, it is important that you have mutual respect and a strong level of communication with each other. Ensure that the electrician you choose is polite and formal, without being pushy or over-friendly, and most importantly, that you feel comfortable with their presence in your home. 

Research A Range Of Prices

Finally, but equally, as importantly, it is also necessary to check out various prices for different types of jobs from at least three different electricians to ensure the services and prices they respectively provide and charge are in keeping with the industry standard.