How To Be Fine After An Abortion

Despite faith and morality, abortions are happening every day. This is some advice on ways to cope with abortions and to find piece after an abortion.

Things you’ll need

  • An open mind


Be aware that there’re many women in the same case of yours unless yours is an abnormal or unique one. Some women feel relieved and guilt free after an abortion while others feel like they’ve done something wrong. The feeling is yours and you have to face it once it appears.

Some women feel guilty after an abortion.

Be with people who support and don’t criticize you. It’s enough with the guilt on having an abortion you have to suffer with. Don’t be with people who like to quote sentences from a bible or give you speeches of morality.

Write down your thought. Whether you’re regretting or happy about an abortion, it’s important that you cope with the feelings when they appear. Be determined and think about other things.

Ones who choose to suffer quietly are likely to get depressed.

Don’t preserve the secret. If you need a couple daybreaks, give yourself a couple daybreaks. If you need a supportive team, there’re some teams like this. If you only need some time alone to cry, it’s also an option. Ones who choose to suffer quietly are likely to get depressed.

Be aware that a several days (ever a several weeks) after the abortion will be tough. A part from learning to live with your choice, your body will experience hormones changing for times. It’s important that you keep it in mind and find a person to support you to overcome it.

Find people who can support you to overcome the abortion.

Tips and warnings

  • According to research, there’s rarely woman who suffer impacts from abortions too long a time. However, there’re cases of PTSD (or SAD) in some women.
  • If you feel the emotions or physical impacts from an abortion are intolerant, connect to a doctor or seek for medical supports.