Helpful Hints For When You Have To Deal With A Headache 

When you have a headache, whether it’s a mild one or something more severe such as a migraine, it can really put pay to your productivity. As a result, your plans may have to change, and even if you do keep going with what you had intended to do, you’ll find that it’s harder than it would be, or less fun, or that you would rather be anywhere else. 

Headaches come about for a variety of reasons, such as stress, tiredness, and dehydration, among other reasons. Plus, some headaches are symptoms of a medical issue that will need to get checked out. However, until you’re able to see a doctor (if the headaches are continuous or happen often), there are some natural alternatives to medication that will help you deal with your headache. Read on to find out more. 

Massage Therapy 

Massage therapy isn’t just something that makes you feel good on a spa day; it can actually offer a vast number of health benefits too, and one of these is relieving headaches. 

Tension headaches, which are the product of stress, sitting in one position for too long at one time, or even exercising without warming up in the right way, are highly painful and debilitating, but a massage can loosen and soothe the muscles that are causing those headaches, and therefore the headaches go away. Not only does this work well, but it’s also an enjoyable experience, so it’s much better than medication, assuming you have the time to get it done. 

Eye Test 

Sometimes a headache can be the result of eyestrain, and that is a result of poor vision. If you can’t see so well, your eyes will literally be straining to make a picture of what’s in front of you. This might be a screen, a book, the TV, or perhaps it’s the distance, making driving harder. The more you strain to see things, the worse your headache will become.

The best way to fix this issue is to book an eye exam as soon as you can. Once you have been tested by a qualified optometrist, you’ll know what the problem is, and you’ll be prescribed eyeglasses if you need them. Once you’ve bought your eyeglasses from, your headaches should disappear because you no longer have to strain to see. 


One of the biggest issues when it comes to headaches is dehydration. Many adults don’t get enough water or liquids throughout the day, and a lot of people are actually chronically dehydrated because of this. Remember, by the time you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. You should be sipping water throughout the day to keep yourself topped up – this is something that will keep you healthier and more productive, and alert. 

It will also solve the problem of headaches, assuming they come from dehydration. When you have a bad headache, or even the beginnings of one, drink a glass of water. This can often offer you relief right away. Then continue to sip more water to ensure you are entirely hydrated. Always have a flask of water with you wherever you go, and when you’re at your desk, try to drink water rather than coffee or tea, which aren’t as good for you.