Accessories You Will Need When Breastfeeding Your New Baby

Accessories You Will Need When Breastfeeding Your New Baby

When you have a new baby, it is an exciting time. 

You have a new, tiny person to look after and, if you are like most mothers, you will want to at least attempt to breastfeed them, even if it turns out not to be the best thing for you and your baby. Breastfeeding your baby provides them with the best caloric intake, along with colostrum, which helps to build a healthy immune system. Remember, though, fed is best. 

However, you don’t just need to be eating a bit more and staying hydrated to breastfeed your baby. Many new moms are surprised at just what is needed to ensure that feeding their baby from their breast goes off without a hitch. So, to ensure that you and your baby remain healthy during the breastfeeding process, it is well worth looking into the following accessories. 

Nursing Clothes

Nursing clothes are not a new idea. In the Tudor period in England, nursing women would aim to wear dresses that could be pulled open at the front and were made from cotton to disperse moisture. 

There is a range of nursing clothes you can buy today which can help to keep your boobs free from bacteria caused by leakages, such as nursing tshirts, nursing tops, nursing dresses, and nursing shirts. All of these are designed with extra material around the bust to absorb the milk and can accommodate any swelling which may occur.

Nursing Pads

Some women experience very heavy milk flows, especially during those first few weeks. This is why nursing pads are useful for many new moms.

Placed between your bra and your bust, these pads absorb any excess milk and prevent it from staying in contact with the areola or nipple. This reduces the chance of you developing thrush on your nipple and will also prevent your baby from developing oral thrush.

Nursing Bras

Nursing bras have cups that can be clipped open, allowing fast and comfortable access to the nipple. And, like the nursing clothes, these bras have the added advantage of being able to manage any swelling that can occur and will offer additional support too. Be sure to change your nursing bras at least once a day, as this will kill any bacteria that may be lurking in the fabrics and will keep you and your baby healthy.

Breast Pump

You can get different kinds of breast pumps; some women prefer manual, and some prefer electric. Either way, these can be a godsend when you are breastfeeding, as they will allow you to store excess milk for your baby in bottles and will alleviate pressure in your bust.

As before, you will need to ensure that you clean your breast pump after every use and be sure to store the milk in clean bottles or containers.

Nipple Creams

As your baby will be feeding from your boobs every 2-4 hours (or more or less depending on your baby), the area will become dry and sore very quickly. To keep the areola and nipple feeling fresh and moisturized, you will need to invest in nipple cream. Aim for non-scented nipple creams, as scented options will contain alcohol and perfumes which can dry out the skin.