9 Ways to Destress When You Work from Home

Since the arrival of the novel coronavirus, more people are working from home than ever before. For some, it’s a dream. But for others, it can add layers of stress and anxiety never before experienced.

When you work from home, you must learn to juggle the work-life balance in an entirely new way. And sometimes, a drastic change in lifestyle can bring on an onset of stressors that can affect your mental and physical health. To take better care of yourself, here are nine ways to destress when you work from home. 1. Slip into Comfier Clothes

Change into one of your cute lazy day outfits and relax. If you have a more laid-back boss who doesn’t care what you look like as long as you get the job done, you might get away with wearing leggings every day. However, it makes the reward that much more precious when you don’t take them for granted. Instead, slip into a pair of pajamas or kimono robe after a long workday.  

2. Establish a Stress-Free Morning Routine

Before you even turn on the laptop or sit down at your desk, take time to destress. Each morning, indulge in a cup of coffee and breakfast to get your head on right and get a boost of energy. While it’s tempting to hit the snooze button and sleep in, consider taking that time instead to meditate, exercise, write in a journal or make a to-do list. The real tricky part? Do it before even checking your phone and scrolling emails or Facebook! 

3. Get Your Blood Pumping

While it seems counterintuitive to add more to your already busy schedule, exercise can actually decrease stress and anxiety. So, whether you use your stress-free morning routine to go for a walk, stretch out with a yoga flow and favorite asanas or go for a run, be sure to get your blood pumping. It’s guaranteed to give you energy throughout the day, which will, in turn, make you work faster so you have time to spare. 

4. Listen to Uplifting Podcasts and Music

If you’re someone who’s able to work with chatter or music, good for you! And if so, it’s just another way to destress when you work from home. Turn on some background music to boost your mood or listen to an uplifting podcast that helps to inspire your entrepreneurial spirit. Even if the podcast is not business-related, you can enjoy it just as much. 

Listening to music and podcasts can also remove the dead air. If you used to work in a bustling office and now work from a quiet home, it can also make you feel less alone. And one of the main stressors of WFH life can be isolation, especially if you have a social butterfly, extrovert personality.

5. Get Some Fresh Air and Sunshine

Another way to destress when you work from home is to step outside and get some fresh air. If you have a morning exercise routine, this can kill two birds with one stone. But if not, make sure to make time for it. If you have a backyard or a patio, take advantage of the sunshine and enjoy lunch al fresco. If you have a mobile laptop, take it outside during the afternoon when the sun has set and there’s less glare on the monitor.  

6. Create a Stress-Free Work Environment

It’s essential to separate your home from work as best as possible. But when you work from home, this can cause some negative Feng Shui. Instead, make sure to designate your workspace in a non-distracting area–not the living room where family members watch TV. Also, situate your work environment far from the bedroom. Once you designate your workspace, set up a desk along with good lighting and personal items that make you feel inspired and motivated throughout the day. It may seem like a small thing to consider, but you want to train your mind to destress in areas they are meant to relax.

7. Break for Lunch

Okay, now that you work from home, there is no excuse to skip lunch! While you may have often been so busy that you had to work through your lunch hour, your kitchen is conveniently there, waiting. Take the time to not only break for lunch, but to make a proper lunch. Cook something nutritious or make a salad, stepping away from emails and Slack notifications for time enough to eat. Creating a yummy meal can also take your mind off stressful tasks, at least temporarily. 

8. Sign Off at the Same Time Each Day

Another way to destress when you work from home? Know when to quit! It’s so tempting to work constantly when your workstation is a room away. But while you may *think* you can multitask between helping the kids with homework and wrapping up that presentation, try to focus on one or the other. However, if you consider yourself a workaholic, you need to know when to step away and make time for yourself to destress. If you never give yourself time to recoup, you’ll eventually burn yourself out–even if you are passionate about your work.

9. Have Tech-Free Time

When you do sign off, eliminate tech (at least, as best you can.) Tech is all around us, from the television to handheld devices that we keep on us at all times. While it’s challenging to be completely tech-free, try to limit work notifications or social media pings that can keep your brain in a Pavlovian-style reaction. 

Everyone is addicted to technology in their own way. But there are many activities and tricks you can do to separate yourself. For starters, instead of binging Netflix, read a book or listen to music. Or explore your creative side and paint or make jewelry. You can even simply have a chat with friends and family or decompress with a long, relaxing bath. Whatever it takes to remove tech, do it!