5 Of the Best Gifts to Get for Moms to Be in 2020

Being pregnant is not easy at the best of times. Not only do you have a small person growing inside you, but what about all the side effects that come with it? If that isn’t enough, being pregnant in 2020 is a whole other kettle of fish.

Moms-to-be and new mom’s deserve treats even under the most normal of circumstances, so with restricted hospital visits and mothers going into birth alone, I think we can all agree that an extra present this year will not do anyone any harm. 

This piece will guide you on some of the best gifts you can get moms this Christmas. 

A Maternity Onesie

Everyone loves a onesie. It’s hard not to as they are one of the snuggest pieces of clothing you can possibly get your hands on. For a mom-to-be and those who have just given birth, a onesie that is equipped to curve in all the right places makes a very comfy and warm gift for Christmas. 

A Keep Sake Vault

It will not be long before the baby outgrows the worlds tiniest shoes, but we know moms can’t possibly throw them away, so giving a little keepsake vault for the mom in your life to store all of her precious items is the perfect gift. It is filled with various size slots so everything from photos to blankets can go in there – and it can be personalized too!

Organic Caffeine-Free Tea

Perfect for the moms-to-be, caffeine-free herbal teas not only come in a variety of different flavors, but there are so many gorgeously wrapped gift options. If you cannot find any that say “these are the one’s” – why not make your own? You can make whatever tea blends you like, and customize ingredients to suit your recipient, and then the decoration and presentation is all up to you!

For the new mom’s, caffeine might be more appreciated. 

Not all moms will be able to receive gifts this year, so reach out and offer a holiday donation to make a stranger’s Christmas extra special. 

Wireless Headphones or Earphones

With a little one around, you can bet that wires have just become one of mom’s biggest problems. So is probably getting enough sleep or getting any “me time” whatsoever. Wireless earphones can help with all of these issues. There are no wires for the baby to grab onto at any point, and mom can listen to a ‘Soft Waves to Sleep” soundtrack as soon as the baby has settled, or “Eye of the Tiger” in the morning in a desperate attempt to wake up. Win-win. 

Amazon Kindle

Perfect for avid readers. Whether they are expecting, or are a brand new mom, purchasing them a kindle means they can have all of their favorite books in one place, which means they can read a chapter of whatever they fancy, whenever they get the chance. A great feature of the new Kindle is the fact it is waterproof, so if the baby throws up on it, at least they won’t have to worry about technical difficulties.