3 Ways To Reduce Excess Fat

Eating much fruits and vegetables, drinking green tea, exercising are the ways to reduce fat and diseases.

Excess fat in the body not only makes you have an imbalanced body but also leads to diseases such as heart disease, diabetes… According to the researches of the scientists, there are two types of fat causing obesity. They are newly formed and long-term accumulated fat. Especially, the metabolism of long-term accumulated fat is very difficult. So, when people fell into perennial overweight, it is very difficult to recover their body before.

Thus, to treat perennial overweight, you need to destroy cellulite that mainly concentrates in the abdomen, waist, thigh, hip… and prevent the formation of new fat.

1.        Add plenty of vegetables to the daily diet

Instead of using foods rich in oil, sugar and starch – the main culprits causing fat accumulation, eating plenty of vegetables is the best way to help you have a healthy and balanced body. You should add much vegetables and fruits in the daily menu.

Add vegetables to your daily diet will help you have a healthy body

The vegetables such as spinach, pennywort, celery, salad… have the effect of weight loss. Fruits are extremely diversified, but the best are still grapefruit, strawberry, grape, apple, pear… These vegetables and fruits contain much vegetable protein that helps the liver and stomach waste toxicants, increase metabolism and burn excess fat. If you take a diet rich in fruits and vegetables in this way, your body will absorb little calories.

2.        Drink green tea

The studies show that green tea is good for health. The scientific evidences show that green tea can prevent Alzheimer disease, protect you from cancer…

Green tea is good for health and can prevent Alzheimer disease, protect you from cancer

Compounds in green tea help reduce cholesterol and increase the speed of burning fat. This is the reason why green tea is considered the most popular keeping secret of ladies.

3.        Exercise 45 minutes per day

Just exercise 45 minutes per day you will maintain a perfect body

Not lazy – that is the first element and also the secret of anyone with perfect body. The best way to regain slenderness is exercising. Just exercise 45 minutes per day you will maintain a perfect body.